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Quick Details
Acaricide, Fungicide
Place of Origin:
Andhra Pradesh, India


Liquid sulphur nutrition
Sulphur fungicide
Sulphur acaricide

A Brief


BIOSULF TM is liquid sulphur that acts as an acaricide ,fungicide and  nutrition source.  The particle size of Sulfur is less than 1 micron. Sulphur (S) is now recognized as the 4th major plant nutrient, along with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).


Sulphur deficiency is becoming more critical with each passing year which is severely restricting crop yield, produce quality, nutrient use efficiency and economic returns on millions of farms. Sulphur has a key role in improving crop yield and produce quality. BIOSULF TM does not contain any sediment and suspended visible particles.



Benefits from BIOSULF TM 

  • BIOSULF TM  effectively supplements Sulphur in a liquid form which is an essential elemnt for oilseeds for Nitrogen uptake
  • BIOSULF TM  is an effective acaricide and fungicide
  • BIOSULFTM does not impart particle injury to crops unlike other Sulphur formulations.