Aminocid Liquid - Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin

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Organic Fertilizer
Protein hydrolysate of vegetative origin
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Protein hydrolysate of vegetative origin:
Bio Plant growth stimulant
Organic Bio plant stimulant:
Protein hydrolysate powder


Protein hydrolysate
Protein hydrolysate of vegetative origin
Protein hydrolysate Powder
Aminocid protein hydrolysate

A Brief


AMINOCID® -SL is a     unique BioStimulant comprising of a mixture of amino acids based on bioactive substances derived from Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using enzyme hydrolysis method.


The amino acids are building blocks of protein which are abundantly required for crop growth. AMINOCID® -SLprovides protein to the plant through these essential amino acids that help in improving yield which can be seen as higher grain weight / higher grain production/ better yield of vegetables and fruits.


AMINOCID®-   SL   provides macro and micro nutrients required for crops.

AMINOCID®-SL is extracted from vegetative sources by the enzyme hydrolysis method and as such Bioactive substances do not get denatured.


AMINOCID®-SL is used as an effective foliar spray. It is formulated as Sprayable Liquid.


Benefits from AMINOCID®-SL


  • Increases grain / fruit yields because of better protein assimilation
  • Promotes enzymatic activities as it contains natural stimulants
  • Stimulates protein creation as it contains amino acids which act as building blocks